10Layer LS, next-generation CMS

10Layer is a next-generation content management system. Extensible, fast, powerful, ass-kicking, name-taking and open source.

About 10Layer

Great for editors

We've worked hard on creating an easy-to-look-at interface, built on Bootstrap, that lets content creators and editors get through their work quickly and efficiently. A lot of time has been spent on reducing the number of clicks required to perform a task, and we're always improving on this.

Not limited by data structures

We've moved away from traditional SQL data stores to NoSql (specifically MongoDB), which gives us freedom when defining our data structures. You're only limited by your imagination.  

Front-end freedom

Since you get all your data for the front end through API calls, you can use anything you want for the front end. PHP, Python, Java, that Microsoft stuff... You can even do it all on the fly with Javascript - the CMS talks JSON natively. We do supply a CodeIgniter library that will make things easier if you're PHP-inclined, with more coming soon.

Built on the coolest tech

10Layer LS is built on MongoDB, CodeIgniter, PHP, JQuery, Underscore.js, Knockout.js, Twitter Bootstrap, and other new technologies that are changing the way people think about programming. Without these amazing open source projects that inspire us, 10Layer LS would not have been possible.

Quick to implement and change

You can create new data types quickly and easily through the admin interface, but still enforce rules and perform advanced processing on the data as it's loaded. The CMS takes care of all the complexity. This makes it really quick and easy to spec a new site, or make big changes to existing sites.

Built around the API

We've decoupled the CMS from the API, letting you create a website that isn't bound to what the CMS thinks your website should be. The CMS does its job of saving and managing the data on the back-end, you take care of the front-end.

Built on 10Layer

Mail & Guardian

The Mail & Guardian Online was the first internet-based news publication in Africa.

Launched in early 1994, it is one of South Africa's and Africa's major news publishers and is reputed internationally for its quality content. It is one of the country's top three biggest news sites, and continues to grow. The M&G Online has received numerous accolades and awards, including three Bookmarks awards in 2010 and 2011, one of which was was a gold award for its Nelson Mandela tribute site. It received three Webby Honourable mentions in 2008 for its Thought Leader platform site. In 2001, the site was voted one of the world's top 175 websites by Forbes.com.


Equal Education

Equal Education is a movement of learners, parents, teachers and community members working for quality and equality in South African education, through analysis and activism.

EE is a community and membership-based organisation. It advocates for quality and equality in the South African education system and engages in evidence-based activism for improving the nation's schools. It is a leader in youth leadership development. EE's campaigns, based on detailed research and policy analysis, are aimed at achieving quality education for all.


African Story Challenge

The African Story Challenge is a new $1m  programme of reporting grants to spur in-depth, multimedia storytelling that engages citizens and aims to improve the health and prosperity of Africans. 

The two-year, pan-African project challenges journalists to embrace a bold form of journalism that seeks solutions using digital and data-driven techniques. The project will encourage journalists to experiment with new content ideas and ways to engage audiences through mobile technology, social media and other innovative tools.



10Layer launches 10Layer LS

The latest version of 10Layer's Content Management System re-invents the CMS with a new architecture and the latest technology.